Better Support for Indian Markets

Since we have a lot of Indian visitors we decided to provide better support for Indian stock market with better market data.
This means that's free technical analysis software can be used now with data downloaded from
If you want to know how to download market data from visit our download guide for how to download market data from's free technical analysis software began to support Indian market through market data of Yahoo! Finance. Having observed market data of Yahoo! Finance and we recognized that's market data is more up to date than the data of Yahoo! Finance.
The delay of data is less than a day. Market data on is actually available after a couple of hours later than market closure.
There is another benefit for downloading market data from According to our researches data of contains less errors than data of Yahoo! Finance.
For more details visit's page about supporting Indian stock markets, the's chart software and our
download guide for how to download market data from

new ways to contact us

We are increasing the digital footprint of
Besides our email address This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it you may contact us on Twitter: and through our Facebook Fan Page. If you like you can also become a fan of Chartoasis on Facebook. We also started this blog about Chartoasis, where you can be informed what happened to the site in the past and what we are planning to do in the future and see what is on our mind.

How it all began...

The birth of a website

If you visit now, you will see that offers free services for investors: intraday and 1 year currency charts, stock index charts, economic calendar and along with's own free trechnical analysis software.
This was the result of a quite long work.
The setup of the page began in August, 2009 and the site was up and running in the beginning of October, 2009, though the look and feel was very bad, and the content was not optimized for search engines. October, 2009 is the official release date of the site, it has been able to be found in the searchers since then.
In a second phase look and feel was changed (if you do not like it now, you can image what it looked like previously... :-), and the content was optimized for Google. This was in the middle of December, 2009.

The roots of the technical analysis software

The development of's free chart software began back in 2007 when the idea of the free chart software came, because we did not find any free, stable and reliable solution for stock analysis. Actually there was an other reason in the background. We like knowing what happens in the background, how calculations are going and so on instead of blindly trusting an other program. The first release was in March, 2008 and it was available for a smaller range of users. The feedbacks were very good, users love our software.

Thanks to the continuous development, capabilities and the range of the supported equities have been continuously expanding since the beginning. Our team is experienced at data processing, automation and mathematics and we are committed to develop stable, reliable and quality solutions for people looking for free trading analysis software.

The future

The development of the analysis software did not stop with the first release - features are going to be developed in the future based on the needs of the users. If you would like to share your idea with us, just send an email.
We also plan to extend the services of the site.